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So tired~ It took me days just to think what I want to say about this chapter. @_@ Jeice vs. Pai bitch fight, yay?

Sailor Moon reference? (page 115)
Jeice uses ki beam attacks and I thought he would look great in that pose, with his fluffy hair and all. If you don't know what I'm talking about, google Sailor Venus Crescent Beam.

I'm sure this won't be the last reference to other japanese animations...

Jeice's fighting style?
Jeice and Burter are meant to fight side by side, but of course they can do it individually. Overall Jeice is a well balanced fighter: ki attack specialist with good aim, strong and agile. He might not be the brightest, but he can make strategies that sometimes work, sometimes not.

I think his biggest flaw is that he let angriness and nervousness take over easily. Here he should have kept his original plan and stay away from hand-to-hand combat that he knew he cannot win. Other rookie mistakes he often makes are talking too much and dropping guard.

Jeice is ready to use sneaky tactics in order to win. However, this is something that makes Captain Ginyu, the man of honor and fair game, very disappointed.

Pai's fighting style?
When I designed her fighting style, I had one thing in my mind: she was a galactic kickboxing champion, so it has to show some way. Lots of punching and especially kicking. Pai is a tough opponent in hand-to-hand combat. First of all, Brenchians are known to be agile, so you have to be fast enough to even hit. Secondly, you have to be strong enough to break her guard. At the same time you have to be careful, because she will find any opportunity to strike. Hard. As we can see, one knee strike went through Jeice's armor.

Never skip leg day, eh? Using ki with legs is not completely unheard-of. I mean, we have seen Goku firing Kamehameha from his feet. It's just a lot more difficult to control it. The reason why Pai master this talent is very simple: After she injured her arm (that story coming later~), it never fully recovered, so she can hardly use ki with her left hand anymore. Instead she decided to focus on training her legs. Next chapter we'll see more of her "legwork".

(Side notice: My greatest fear is that some of my ideas will be used in DBS or upcoming games. I almost got a heart attack when they introduced "Basil of the Kicks", but luckily there's no other similarities than kicking...)

Didn't we already got rid of Pai's fan boys?
Never! I don't care what other people think, I frikkin' love those guys. They're not there just for a comic relief or commentary. They took over the control room because I wanted to add pressure: These regular soldiers are witnessing it all. They probably never imagined anyone could match the Ginyu Force, but they saw Guldo and Recoome fall like that. It's up to Jeice and Ginyu to prove that they are still the strongest fighters around.

It's not just fan boys kissing Pai's ass, it's their way to indirectly wish that Jeice gets his smug ass kicked. Jeice is elitist, so proud about being "in the cool kids club" that he refuses to even talk to "losers". Obviously he's not very popular among the regular soldiers, but of course respected because of his higher position in the organization. His sister is completely opposite: down to earth, willing to interact with anyone and not giving a damn about ranks. Super elites and regular soldiers usually live in completely different worlds, so Pai is my link between them.

Jeice getting punched in the nose, really?
Let's make it a running joke, shall we~ I know you enjoy it as much as I do.

I'd like to point out something about Burter. Please check his reaction in the anime when Guldo dies, then when Recoome lose to Goku. After that check every scene where someone hurts Jeice, even a little bit. Interesting...

I named Chapter10 after Sia's song "Elastic Heart". Or should I say, after the music video. :p

The cover was inspired by Toriyama's illustration of Goku and Frieza... I should have known that the "intense stare" never works. It just makes it look like two characters are about to kiss. Shit.

At the moment I'm panicing a little bit because I have 3 chapters left, 45 pages before the first book is complete. We need closing where it feels natural to continue to second book. And yet I have so many scenes I want to draw in this book. I try not to rush.

I'm taking two weeks holiday, no drawing allowed (that's a lie, I can start my request summer beforehand). Chapter10 is coming when it's coming, at the end of May or early June.


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Jack of all trades trying to control his enthusiasm by drawing a long running fancomic. Not an artist, even less cartoonist. Also trying to learn english.

Soldiers of The Galactic Frieza Army, please say hi~
Everyone else, I hope you're weirded out.


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